Weber® Stainless Steel Cleaner 300ml

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Weber® Stainless Steel Cleaner 300ml

  • Stainless Steel components can be looking bright and new again with this cleaner.
  • Easy to use bottle with a fine mist.
  • Makes cleaning simple.

Weber® Stainless Steel Cleaner 300ml

Here’s the easiest way to clean stainless steel surfaces on your barbecue, leaving them shiny and weather-resistant when used regularly. The innovative bottle design on this fine mist cleaner lets you spray from all angles. Store at room temperature.

Using it couldn't be easier, there are just three simple steps. 

1. Make sure the barbecue is cool before cleaning. 

2. Spray on stainless steel surfaces. Let it work for 30 seconds.

3. Wipe off with a soft dry cloth. Make sure to wipe with the grain.

Repeat if necessary. 

Ingredients: White mineral oil. 

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