Weber® T Brush (21")

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Three-sided Grill Brush

  • Long handled (21 inch) Grill brush to clean all grates.
  • Long handles inhibit the risk of burns from the BBQ
  • Can be used to clean both Charcoal and Gas grills.
  • Smaller brushes are available for travel BBQ's (Weber® T Brush (12") SKU: 6494)
  • The Three side Wire Brush helps get into the gaps on the grate.
  • Loop at the end of the handle so you can hang on to tool holders.

When you buy a barbecue it is important to consider the aftercare of it. One of the main aspects of the care is cleaning the barbecue. this is where the Weber® Grill Brush 21inch T Brush comes in to play. With it's cleverly designed t-shaped, 3-sided brush head it will clean any type of cooking grate perfectly. Having the long handle it makes it the perfect candidate for cleaning any barbecue, especially the bigger ones where you would otherwise find yourself with your hand over a hot barbecue. So be your cooking grates porcelain enamel, stainless steel, cast iron or chrome plated this is the ideal grill brush to get. 

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Brand Weber
Weight 0.275000
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42 Reviews


Good scraper


No brainer, great product!

Graeme P

Really good brush for cleaning the BBQ grill, the small brushes on each end are ideal for getting between the grill bars


Oli B

Excellent grill brush. Has that extra reach other grill brushes just don’t have. You can tell it will last a long time too. :)


Great brush but I prefer the wooden Weber one.


good solid item.

Simon J

Does a great job at removing burnt materials from the grate without burning your hands!


John P

Quality product that does a great job.


After looking at the Riverside online video’s I decided to order one as I have just received my new Weber Gas BBQ, it’s really good, the handle is just the right length, a must for anyone wanting to keep their grill in good shape, it really well made too.

Aaron M

Cleans your grills very well and the long handle means your hand is well away from the heat

David G

Good quality and must have, very easy to use and even keep clean.

Eileen J

Dan M

David B

Exactly what I wanted


Cleans the grate well, good build quality.

Alan S

It does what it’s supposed to not much more you can say really.

joanne s

cleans grill easily am pleased i bought it

Sam m

Chris k

Best price with quick delivery

Chris F

Have used a similar one before but hadn't spotted th3 handle is longer which means I cantnhang it from the Q2200 without it touching the ground. School boy error for not paying attention to the size.


Perfect - does the job!


Excellent enough said


Never had one before, but treated the new barbecue to one. It does help the clean-up process.

Donna S



The best cleaner I have had so far.

David E

Beware - I bought this for my Q3200 but it's too long for the built in tool rack and hangs in the dust on the floor. It's steel and very, very hard. Weber seem a tad disorientated as to its use. 'The porcelain-enamel cooking grates should be cleaned with a Weber stainless steel brush' but 'Do not use metallic pads/brushes to clean the griddle as this will damage the porcelain-enamel finish'. I see no comments on what parts of the Q are deemed dishwasher safe.

Nirav P

Very sturdy and cleans well in conjunction with the Weber enamel cleaner. Makes a tough job that much easier.


Works well job done

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