There's no need to be buying pre-made pizzas when making your own is just as easy and way more fun, and a great way to get the kids involved with making dinner.


Making your own dough is incredibly easy and many recipes can be found online but in a pinch, buying pre-made dough is just as good and still way tastier than a pre-cooked base. We favour the Northern Dough Co who have a range of pizza doughs that are just as good defrosted as they are fresh.

Struggle no more with rolling your pizza bases out to a uniform sizes, this silicone dough mat provides a clean surface to roll your dough out on as well as having size markings for 6-14" pizzas so you can get the perfect sized base every time.


Pizza sauce is a great place to hide lots of veggies for those picky eaters. Soften an onion and when soft add some garlic and herbs. Add tinned tomatoes, tomato puree and any vegetables you want to include (par-boiled if necessary). Cook until the consistency is right and your vegetables are fully cooked then blend and the little ones will be none the wiser.


Making your own pizzas means everyone can add their favourite toppings. Why not try spicy pepper, goats cheese and red onion, or upgrade the classic margarita with sun-blush tomatoes and oregano. For the children try pepperoni or ham and baby tomatoes.


Using a pizza stone is going to give your pizzas the best cook, the bottom will be nice and crispy without the toppings being overcooked. The Ember Pizza Oven from Alfresco Chef is an amazing compact pizza oven that still packs a punch. The Ember runs off of hardwood kindling, rather than wood pellets meaning it burns at a more consistent temperature and burns longer than pellet ovens.

The Weber GBS® Pizza Stone can be used in any barbecue or oven and gives a nice even crispy cook on the pizza base whilst your toppings cook to perfection. Make sure you heat the stone with the oven or barbecue so that it doesn't crack!

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