Is it cheaper to make your own pizza or buy it?

Is it cheaper to make your own pizza or buy it?

Posted by Frances on 10th Nov 2023

Going out for pizza, or getting a takeaway, is becoming increasingly expensive. Especially considering restaurant-quality pizzas can easily be cooked at home. With one of Gozney's professional-grade outdoor ovens you can produce pizza that is just as good – if not better – than takeaway or restaurant pizza for a fraction of the price.

How much does a homemade pizza cost?

In November 2023, a pizza at Pizza Express averages £17, and for takeaway, a medium pizza from Dominos averages £20 and from Papa John's £21 per pizza. We calculated the average cost per homemade pizza to see if it really is worth shelling out for a restaurant-quality pizza oven.

Using Gozney's simple pizza dough recipe, the price of one doughball comes to £0.28. When split into six servings, their easy pizza sauce recipe, which uses fresh tomatoes, comes to £0.81 per pizza. We love fior di latte for pizzas due to its low moisture content and the gooey, delicious way it melts. 50g of fior di latte comes to £0.94 per portion. Obviously, the price of toppings will vary based on your preference, but my favourites are pepperoni, artichokes, and hot honey. The additional toppings for my pizza would come to £0.65 for one pizza. This brings the total for ingredients for a homemade pizza to £2.68. This makes a homemade pizza, on average, £16.65 cheaper than a restaurant or takeaway pizza.

Based on Gozney's fuel consumption information for the Dome, the Dome costs 5p a minute to run on wood and 3p a minute to run on gas. The Dome should be pre-heated for at least half an hour before cooking, and a pizza can be cooked on the dome in just 60 seconds.

To cook pizzas for a family of four, the Dome will need to be pre-heated for half an hour, each pizza will then take a minute to cook. Allowing a bit of lee-way, the Dome would be on for 40 minutes. This would cost £2.00 when using wood, and £1.20 when using gas. Therefore fuel wise, each pizza would cost £0.30-£0.50.

When making pizzas at home, each pizza comes in at less than £4.00, compared to the average cost of £19 for a restaurant or takeaway pizza. This means that you are saving £15 per pizza.

The dual fuel Dome currently retails for £1,799. If you are making four pizzas every time you fire up your Dome – saving £60 on eating out each time – then you only need to use the oven 30 times to have saved what you paid for it on restaurant and takeaway pizzas.

Restaurant-quality pizza ovens

Gozney's outdoor ovens are expertly manufactured to restaurant standards, designed to reach and maintain high temperatures, perfect for cooking traditional Neapolitan style pizzas. With a rolling flame and thick cordierite base, Gozney ovens cook pizzas evenly from top and bottom to produce professional quality pizzas in the comfort of your own home.

The dual fuel Gozney Dome can be used with gas, as well as wood and charcoal, and can cook one large or two smaller pizzas at once. The new Dome S1 has the same internal oven space as the dual fuel Dome, but is compatible with gas only. Gozney's Roccbox is a stylish portable pizza oven, it can cook one 12" pizza at a time and comes with a gas burner as standard, but a wood burner can be purchased separately.

Gozney's outdoor ovens can also be used for cooking a multitude of delicious meals, beyond just pizza.

Photo by lasse bergqvist on Unsplash