Is the Traeger Timberline Electric?

Is the Traeger Timberline Electric?

Posted by Frances on 22nd Sep 2023

The new Traeger Timberline is the latest wood pellet grill from Traeger. Traeger Grills are powered by electricity but run off of natural wood pellets to give you that delicious authentic smoked barbecue flavour. 

Traeger's new Timberline and Timberline XL are Traeger's most capable, versatile, and fully loaded cooking tools ever. These grills combine all the ease and consistent results of Traeger's electric wood-fired grills with a host of new features and technology that will take your cooks to the next level.

Set it and forget it

Traeger grills run off of mains electricity but burn wood pellets, meaning that you are cooking with the heat and smoke of a natural wood fire. The grill uses electricity to power the display, run the auger and fan, and light the fire. On the new Timberline models, the induction side burner also runs off of the grill's power supply.

Because Traeger grills are electric, they require a lot less attention than traditional charcoal smokers. Simply power up the grill and set the temperature, the grill will maintain this temperature within 5°C, automatically feeding through the amount of pellets needed to maintain and running the fan when needed. The new Timberline grills feature Traeger's new Smart Combustion™ technology, which monitors the cooking area to help maintain a consistent temperature and prevent flare-ups.

The Traeger must be ignited and shut down from the grill, but once running you can change the temperature of the grill through the Traeger app via your grill's WiFIRE® connection. The Timberline also has a pellet sensor, which will give you a warning both from the grill and via the app when your hopper is running low on pellets, meaning you really can set it and forget it.

The consistency that the automatic element of the Traeger provides, combined with the flavour and texture produced by cooking on real wood, means that you can achieve amazing results on your Traeger grill time after time. If you're an outdoor cooking enthusiast look no further than the new Traeger Timberline range.

New Timberline features

Traeger's new Timberline grills are their most customisable grills ever, allowing you to adapt your workspace to fit your needs. The Timberline's stainless steel cooking grates are compatible with Traeger's ModiFIRE accessories, such as the reversible cast iron griddle and the stainless steel gish and vegetable basket. The P.A.L. Pop-And-Lock® accessory rail allows you to customise your grill to keep your necessities right at your fingertips, with a storage bin, roll rack for butcher paper or kitchen roll, and more accessories available.

The new Timberline model also features an induction side hob, perfect for par-boiling vegetables, whipping up sauces, or searing off steaks with the compatible cast iron skillet.

The EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg collects the grill's grease and ash in one easily accessible drip bucket, combine this with the Traeger x MEATER® wireless Bluetooth meat probes, Traeger's Smart Combustion™ technology, and the no-hassle induction side hob, and the new Timberline is Traeger's highest tech and easiest to use grill ever. Delicious wood-fired flavour has never been so hassle-free.