What does GBS mean on a Weber BBQ?

What does GBS mean on a Weber BBQ?

Posted by Frances on 14th Oct 2023

Weber's GBS system is a feature of most Weber barbecues and allows you to expand the possibilities of your grill and produce amazing food in your own back garden. Read on to learn whether your barbecue is GBS compatible and the uses for the various GBS accessories.

What is GBS?

GBS stands for Gourmet Barbecue System and refers to a range of accessories available for your Weber grill.The original GBS system features on most Weber barbecues, and is a removable circular section of grate measuring 30cm in diameter.

Once removed, this section of grate can be replaced with any of Weber's GBS compatible accessories. These accessories range from a dual purpose Dutch Oven, with a lid that doubles as a griddle, to a pizza stone.

Weber's GBS accessories are all incredible versatile, each offering multiple uses allowing you to get the most out of your barbecue. Bake pizzas, flatbreads, and even cookies on the glazed pizza stone. The cast iron sear grate is a thick sear grate made of solid cast iron, which holds and conducts heat much better than other metals, perfect for searing steaks and vegetables. Weber's stainless steel chicken roaster is expertly designed to roast beautiful succulent beer can chicken, alternatively, the centre can be removed to allow the accessory to be used as a normal roasting tray. Cook up stews, curries, pies, or even try your hand at baking bread in the Dutch Oven. The lid of the Dutch Oven doubles as a griddle, or a separate griddle accessory is available, perfect for bacon, pancakes, eggs, and more. The wok and steamer set can be used to cook up delicious stir fries, or to steam dumplings or vegetables.


Weber introduced the new CRAFTED GBS system with the new Genesis range in 2022. All new Genesis grills come with this CRAFTED system, however, include a metal frame that allows use of the original GBS accessories. Additionally, CRAFTED compatible grates can be purchased for existing Weber barbecues including the Genesis II range, Weber's SmokeFire and post-2016 three burner Spirits.

The CRAFTED GBS system is similar to the original GBS system, where a section of the grate can be replaced with compatible accessories. However, the CRAFTED system is rectangular in shape and much larger than the original GBS system.

Currently, the CRAFTED system features four accessories: a sear grate, a flat top griddle, a baking stone, and a roasting basket.