What is the difference between the Gozney Dome and Dome S1?

What is the difference between the Gozney Dome and Dome S1?

Posted by Frances on 23rd Oct 2023

The iconic performance of the award-winning Gozney Dome has been streamlined in the new Dome S1 all-gas iteration. This sleek and elegant outdoor oven will elevate any back garden.

The Gozney Dome S1

Gozney's Dome S1 is the newest addition to their lineup of professional-grade outdoor ovens, alongside the Roccbox and the original Dome by Gozney. The Dome S1 packs the iconic performance and intuitive design of the Dome into a streamlined, propane gas-fueled package. The Dome S1 makes it easier than ever to get straight to making restaurant-quality pizzas in the comfort of your own back garden with a quick-start rolling flame, intuitive controls, and a built-in precision temperature gauge the Dome S1 reaches temperatures in excess of 500°C allowing you to cook an amazing pizza in just 60 seconds.

The Dome S1 works effortlessly for beginners and exceptionally for chefs, providing style and substance in a professional quality package perfect for fans of hassle-free cooking that yields exceptional results time after time.

What's different?

The Gozney Dome is a dual fuel outdoor oven that can be used with gas, charcoal, and wood. The Dome comes with a gas hose and regulator for use with patio gas, as well as a stone puck to protect the gas output when the Dome is being used with a wood fire and built-in wood storage space. The Dome S1 is a gas-only oven, with a hose and regulator for use with patio gas and cannot be used with wood or charcoal.

The original Dome measures 660mm by 630mm by 732mm, whereas the Dome S1 is slightly smaller at 634mm by 628mm by 730mm. However, the internal measurements of the oven and the size of the oven mouth are the same on both the Dome and the Dome S1. The S1 may be streamlined but it doesn't lack any of the Dome's restaurant-quality or cooking capabilities.

The original dual fuel Dome is available in both bone and olive. Currently, the new Dome S1 is only available in bone.

The Dome S1 remains compatible with Gozney's Dome accessories, bar those designed for wood-fired cooking such as the wood rack, wood loader, and Dome door. This includes the Dome stand and cover, the Dome mantel, and the Neapolitan arch and flue extension.