Gozney Pro Placement Peel 14"

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The Pro Placement Peel is designed to offer chefs a superior lightweight and optimized pizza experience, developed with and for the world’s best pizza makers. Designed with input from elite Gozney pizza chefs, the Pro is tuned specifically to the needs of pizza-makers who want to create their best pizza. A fully perforated blade allows maximum flour dispersion, completely minimizing the chance of excess flour accumulating on the bottom of the pizza and burning during your cook. The blade’s rounded shape helps you shape a perfect circle every time. The chiselled shape of the aluminium handle has angled sides for a confident grip and a curved underside so the peel slides freely through the hand when launching pizza. The fully aluminium construction provides lightweight comfort and overall responsiveness, creating a seamless extension of the chef’s arm – giving you the edge to reach your pizza-creating potential.

Key Features:

Size: Large (14” pizza)
Round Hex-perforated blade
Replaceable handle
Strong, lightweight aluminium blade
Profiled aluminium handle
Durable Ocean Bound Plastic Certified Recycled plastic hanging loop

Compatible with:
Accessory Type:
Placement Peel