Petromax Cast Iron Fire Skillet 20cm

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Petromax Cast Iron Fire Skillet 20cm

The Petromax cast-iron Fire Skillets with their outstanding heat storage belong into every kitchen. Whether for cooking outdoors over an open fire or at the stove at home, everyone needs a cast-iron skillet. The skillets with the classic pan handle come in several different sizes. Also, the Petromax fire skillets work on all types of stove (induction/gas/glass-ceramic).


Capacity max.: 1 l
Diameter upper edge: 7.8 in (20 cm)
Bottom diameter (ca.): 5.9 (15 cm)
Height: 2.6 in (6.7 cm)
Weight: 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)
Material: cast iron

You can use the Fire Skillet on conventional hotplates, on a gas stove, in an oven, as well as in the open air over a campfire or on a suitable grill. The cast iron, which optimally transfers and stores heat, can be used immediately. Thanks to the pre-seasoned surface it is easy to care for.

Caution! The Fire Skillet can become very hot. Thus children should not be allowed near the Fire Skillet. Protect your hands with heat-resistant gloves or a cloth when you touch the hot Fire
• Do not pour cold liquids (such as water) onto the cast-iron parts of the hot Fire Skillet, for the cast iron can crack or be otherwise damaged.
• Never use dishwashing liquid or soap to clean the Fire Skillet.
• Do not let the Fire Skillet fall onto a hard surface, because cast iron is a brittle material that can crack.
• Caution on sensitive surfaces! Follow the instructions for use provided by your oven manufacturer and avoid sliding cast-iron cookware back and forth on the stovetop. Lift your Fire Skillet before moving it on the stovetop! You also reduce the risk of scratches by wiping the surface and the base of the pan with a clean, lint-free cloth (e.g. made of microfibre) before cooking. In principle, you can use the Fire Skillet on all types of stoves.

Thoroughly clean the Fire Skillet with hot water before using it for the first time. Thanks to the pre-seasoned surface you can immediately use your sturdy Petromax Fire Skillet without seasoning it first. The first few times you use the skillet, do not cook any acidic food, for it can damage the patina, the protective layer of the Fire Skillet.

As long as you take care of your Fire Skillet correctly, it should last for generations. Thus you must follow a few important basic rules.
• Let the Fire Skillet completely cool down before cleaning it thoroughly with warm water. Never use dishwashing liquid or soap to clean the Fire Skillet. It can damage or even ruin the patina.
• Use a commercially available dishwashing brush or a sponge to clean the Fire Skillet.
• Thoroughly dry up the Fire Skillet after cleaning it.
• Apply a thin layer of fat on the cast-iron parts. Use a neutral oil, vegetable fat or the Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner. Do not use olive oil for it has a lower smoke point and burns out too quickly. Then store the skillet in a dry place. The Fire Skillet is not dishwasher-safe.
• Never put away the Fire Skillet when it is wet and untreated.

The patina (the protective layer of the Fire Skillet) must be renewed when it is affected. It can happen, for instance, that your Fire Skillet starts to rust here and there because it was not stored correctly. In that case, proceed as follows:

• Remove the rust with a wire brush or a metallic sponge. Then clean the Fire Skillet with warm water, dishwashing liquid and a dishwashing brush or a sponge. Dry it thoroughly up.
• Coat the whole skillet (inner and outer surfaces) with a neutral oil, vegetable fat or the Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner.
• Then place the Fire Skillet in a preheated oven at a temperature of approx. 180 °C (356 °F). Let it there for 1 to 2 hours and then switch off the oven. Half-open the oven and let the Fire Skillet cool down. Caution! Burning the layer of fat can produce smoke. Therefore we recommend doing the seasoning outside, for instance on an open fire or on a grill.
• Grease all the parts again once they have cooled down. Your skillet is now seasoned.

In the case of proper use, a warranty period of two years will apply to your Petromax Fire Skillet from the date of purchase. If you cannot properly use your Petromax Fire Skillet due to a defect in material or manufacturing, you are entitled to a warranty repair. 

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Frying Pan