Weber® Master-Touch

Weber® Master-Touch Range

The Weber® Master-Touch range is the ideal charcoal barbecue both for beginners or seasoned grillers alike. The range of features makes it a versatile grill while remaining simple to use and providing amazing results every time. The plated stainless steel Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) grates allow for full use of the GBS accessories, from sear grates to dutch ovens, and allow you to expand your cooking beyond the basics. Each Master-Touch handle features two integrated tool hooks and an iGrill holder, ensuring everything you need is at your fingertips. Furthermore, the Tuck-Away lid holder allows for fast and easy storage of the lid, matched only by the spring-loaded hinged lid of the Master-Touch Premium which allows the lid to be lifted with the touch of a finger.

The Master-Touch features hinged grates which allow for easy topping up of briquettes or lump wood, ensuring you can cook without interruption to refill fuel. The enclosed ash catcher pan collects all of the ash and debris that falls into the bowl of the barbecue, this can be collected thoroughly by rotating the blades in the bottom of the barbecue to scrape excess ash into the pan below. This handle can also be used to open and close the barbecue's vents, the main vent positions are marked on the ash catcher ring - closed, smoking and open, which would be used for normal cooking.

On top of these amazing features, the Master-Touch Premium boasts additional features geared towards low and slow smoking. This includes a briquette ring and heat diffuser aid this by allowing you to keep the heat low and the coals burning for a longer amount of time. This setup will allow you to cook low and slow for up to six hours without needing to top up your fuel. Furthermore, the Master-Touch Premium comes inclusive with a cast iron sear grate for the GBS system - perfect for steaks, vegetables and more.