Weber® Smokey Joe®

Weber® Smokey Joe® Series

Ideal for grilling on the go or the perfect accompaniment to a large gas barbecue the Weber® Smokey Joe® Premium is an adorable down-size to the traditional kettle barbecue. Available in four stylish colours the Smokey Joe® boasts the same quality porcelain enamelled finish as most Weber® barbecues and the three vents allow for the temperature to be easily controlled and the coals to be starved if so desired.

The perfect size for a spontaneous get-away, the lid lock can be used to hold the lid in place whilst carrying the barbecue as well as functioning as a lid holder when the barbecue is in use. Additionally, the barbecue's legs keep it raised off the ground protecting grass or sand from the heat of the bowl. The heat shield protects the handle from the heat of the barbecue, allowing the lid to be easily handled and the barbecue to be transported.

Small but mighty, don't let the size of this grill fool you into thinking you can't cook in new and exciting ways - the 37cm chrome-plated cooking grate provides a cooking area of 1075cm2, plenty for three people. Try dirty steak cooked straight on the coals, or sprinkle a handful of woodchips directly on the coals and smoke your sausages for an extra layer of flavour.