Weber® Genesis®

Available in three and four-burner models and in two finishes and three colours the Genesis® II barbecues are the perfect way to up your grilling. With amazing features that deliver a beautiful cook every time the Weber® Genesis® II range is ideal for the barbecue enthusiast. The Genesis'® double-walled lid, stainless steel heat deflectors and high-performance burners mean that the barbecue can reach higher temperatures - perfect for searing or cooking pizzas - or maintain lower ones, ideal for long cooks. Each Genesis® II grill features two large stainless steel side tables with a total of six integrated tool hooks, as well as storage space underneath the barbecue providing plenty of room for storage and food preparation. The Genesis'® grease management system makes the barbecue incredibly easy to clean; a removable bottom tray funnels fats and juices into the drip tray below.

The Genesis® II E-310, S-310 and Genesis® II S-410 and E-410 all boast a fold-down warming rack that, when lowered, becomes the Elevations Tiered Grilling System. This allows for things such as kebabs and vegetable baskets to be elevated over the cooking grates, allowing for cooking at a lower temperature and reducing the risk of smaller items sticking to the grill and tearing. The cast iron Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) grates are the perfect grates for searing as the metals retain heat well and offer full use of the GBS system, between poultry roasters and dutch ovens you won't be at a loss for exciting dishes to cook up. Beneath all of this lie the stainless steel Flavorizer bars that both protect the burners from flare-ups but also infuse your food with a delicious barbecued flavour.

The additional features of the Genesis® II EP-335 and SP-335 and Genesis® II SP-435 and EP-435 take the Genesis® II range to the next level. Enclosed storage replaces the open cart design of the 3 and 410 models allowing accessories to be neatly stowed away behind two porcelain enamelled or stainless steel doors. A side burner is also added to the right-hand side table, providing a handy gas ring perfect for pre-boiling vegetables, cooking pasta or potatoes for salad or making or warming sauces.