Weber® Summit®

The Weber® Summit® gas is the creme-de-la-creme of gas barbecues, available in both a four and six-burner model, Summit® E470 and S670, and in black porcelain enamelled or fully stainless steel finish, Summit® E670 and S470, this barbecue is definitely not for the faint of heart. With an impressively deep double walled lid the Summit® can reach and maintain impressive temperatures and, it's stainless steel Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) grates allow for full use of the GBS range opening up an even wider range of opportunities. Spacious storage space underneath the barbecue and three integrated tool hooks you'll be able to keep everything you need right on hand. Furthermore, the automatic Grill-Out handle light and control knob lights illuminate the barbecue meaning your grilling is no longer limited to daylight hours.

With a range of amazing built-in accessories, there's nothing the Summit® gas can't do. The Summit's® built-in rotisserie along with infrared rotisserie burner for an extra boost of heat is perfect for cooking up whole chickens of large joints of meat. Why not cook your Christmas dinner on the barbecue? Even better, when not in use the spit of the rotisserie can be stored underneath the barbecue and the motor tucks away into the side shelf of the grill. Furthermore, If the stainless steel burners and the double-walled lid didn't do it for you the Summit® also features an additional sear station that offers a 50% boost of heat, perfect for reaching the higher temperatures required to sear off your steaks and more!

If you're looking to add an extra layer of flavour to your cooking without adding much hassle to the cooking process you're in luck - the Summit® gas features an integrated smoke box. Simply soak a few handfuls of wood chips in water, place the damp chips in the box and once you see smoke start cooking. The Weber® Summit® gas barbecues have a burner dedicated specifically to the smokebox to get your chips smoking as fast as possible. Set into the right-hand side table is a separate gas hob side burner, perfect for food prep that would usually be carried out in the kitchen such as pre-boiling vegetables or making or warming sauces.