Weber® Connect Smart Grilling Hub

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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Turn any grill into a connected grill with the Smart Grilling Hub.

It sends notifications directly to your smartphone via WiFi anywhere at any time! It'll alert you with everything from time and temperature, a readiness countdown and alerted when food is ready to flip and serve. 

Take your grilling to the next level. 


  1. Flip-and-Serve notifications let you know when to flip your burgers, to ensure even, perfectly cooked food.
  2. A Countdown timer shows when food will be ready, leaving you free to plan your whole meal around when your food will be hot!
  3. Step-by-Step Cook Programmes provide easy-to-follow guides on barbecuing the Weber way, producing the best results.
  4. Recipes feature allows barbecue chefs access to new tips and inspiration, right on your smartphone.
  5. Remote temperature notifications send updates to your smartphone from wherever you are, even inside the home.
  6. 4-probe capacity can monitor the progress of multiple cooks simultaneously for you, taking out the complexity

Please do not put the plastic probe holder in the BBQ, it will melt.

The Weber Connect app is compatible with iPhones on iOS 12.1 or later and most smartphones on Android 7.0 or later.

Out Of Carton Dimensions 7.5cm H x 9.8cm W x 3.4cm D
Individual Carton Dimensions 14cm H x 14cm W x 7.1cm D
Fits Compatible with any barbecue.
One meat probe, one ambient probe included
Four-probe capacity
USB rechargeable battery
WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
Free IOS & Android app
9 Segmented LED Display
Embedded magnet
Product Condition:
BBQ Ranges:
BBQ Accessories
Product Warranty:
2 Years