Weber® Universal Smoker Box, Stainless Steel

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Weber® Universal Smoker Box.

With the Weber® Universal Smoker Box, smoking on your gas barbecue has never been easier. Suitable for use on all Weber's gas barbecue models, the box, made from stainless steel, will help you easily add the delicious smokey flavour to your food with the help of wood chips (sold separately).

The Smoker box can either sit across your Flavourizer bars or directly on the cooking grate and will take approximately 10 minutes to create smoke once filled with wood chips.

With a range of different and delicious wood flavours to add on to your food, what are you waiting for? You can see the full range of wood chips here.

Out Of Carton Dimensions 5.1cm H x 12cm W x 24.5cm D
Individual Carton Dimensions 25cm H x 6.1cm W x 12cm D
Material Stainless steel
Care Instructions Hand wash
Fits Built for most gas barbecues
Universal design for smoking on top of the cooking grates
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