What do you get with the Weber Master-Touch?

What do you get with the Weber Master-Touch?

Posted by Frances on 26th Aug 2023

Weber’s Master-Touch is synonymous with charcoal grilling and its construction reflects Weber’s 70 plus years of barbecue knowledge and development. If you’re looking for a charcoal grill, look no further than the Master-Touch, which comes equipped with everything you need to become a master griller.

The Master-Touch 5750

The Master-Touch 5750 is available in four stylish colours, traditional black, slate blue, smoke grey, and ocean blue, to suit any style garden. The Master-Touch features Weber’s iconic 57cm porcelain-enamelled lid and bowl, able to cater for anyone from a family of two to large groups. It comes with chrome plated steel cooking grates, which are hinged to allow easy access to your charcoal whilst cooking, and feature Weber’s GBS system, allowing for full use of the GBS accessory range.

The Master-Touch is suitable for direct and indirect cooking. It can handle anything from burgers and sausages to a whole chicken or a Jacob’s ladder. The hinged cooking grates allow access to your charcoal during cooks so that you can easily add or remove coals or adjust your cooking set up. The Master-Touch also comes with briquette baskets, which contain your coals so that the cooking set up can be converted from direct to indirect and back again at the blink of an eye.

The rollback lid holder provides storage for the lid so that you can dedicate your full focus and both hands to your cooks, and the iGrill holder provides convenient storage for an iGrill thermometer or Weber Connect, helping you level up your grilling game.

The enclosed ash catcher collects and safely stores ash and other debris and the stainless steel one-touch cleaning system at the base of the barbecue doubles as airflow control, with a handy indicator marking the correct vent positions for full airflow control.

The Master-Touch 5770

The Master-Touch 5770, or Master-Touch Premium, includes all the features of the 5750 plus a few additional features that equip the barbecue for low and slow smoking. It is currently available only in black.

Rather than a rollback lid holder, the Master-Touch Premium has a hinged lid. This allows for the lid to be easily raised and lowered freeing up both hands for cooking. The upper portion of the hinge easily separates from the lower portion, meaning the barbecue can be used with Weber’s 57cm Kettle Rotisserie.

The 5770 includes stainless steel hinged GBS cooking grates. As well as briquette baskets the barbecue also comes with a charcoal ring and heat diffuser for low and slow cooking. These parts can be used in conjunction to help maintain the lower temperatures necessary for longer cooks and to protect food from direct heat, giving deliciously tender results.

What else do I need?

To start your first cook on your Master-Touch, we would recommend having a chimney starter, some lighter cubes, briquettes or Lumpwood, and a cleaning brush.

A chimney starter is the easiest and quickest way to get coals lit, simply fill the chimney starter with charcoal (around half to two thirds full), light two lighter cubes on the charcoal grates of your barbecue and set the chimney directly over the flame. The air flow through the chimney aids the lighting process and coals are ready to cook on once they have turned entirely ashy on the outside. Weber also offer a chimney starter set, which includes enough lighter cubes and briquettes for your first barbecue.

Lumpwood is normal coal, carbonised wood, whereas briquettes are coal that has been crushed and compressed with a binder, Weber use potato starch. Lumpwood will light and burn faster whereas briquettes will take a little longer to light but will burn for a longer period of time.

A cleaning brush is the best way to clean the grates of your Master-Touch and the best time to do so is before using the grill. Allowing the fats and juices from your cook to crystalise on the grate will make it easier to clean when you next come to use it. Light your charcoal and allow the barbecue to come up to temperature, this will sanitise the grate, you can then use a cleaning brush to remove any fat or food still clinging to the grates.