Petromax Cast Iron Dutch Oven 3.5 l

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Petromax Cast Iron Dutch Oven 3.5 l

The Petromax Dutch Ovens are ideal companions for outdoor activities such as travel, camping etc. Perfect for cooking over an open fire and in the home kitchen, they allow cooking food such as vegetables and meat very gently in its own juice. They feature a specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter. The Petromax Dutch Ovens are made of durable cast-iron and have a pre-seasoned finish ready for immediate use. With the Petromax Dutch Ovens one can prepare delicious and healthy food for family friends.
  • Pre-seasoned surface for immediate use
  • Notched carry handle ensures safe and comfortable handling
  • Dutch Ovens can be stacked
  • Hole for thermometer in the lid
  • Specially designed lid that can be used as skillet or a platter
Capacity (max): 3.5 l
Base diameter: 22cm
Height: 9.1cm (without feet)
Weight: 8kg
Material: cast iron


  • The Petromax Dutch Oven and its parts (lid, handle) can become extremely hot when in use. Thus, children and animals should never be allowed near the Dutch Oven. Only touch the Dutch Oven and its parts with heat-resistant gloves, potholders or the lid lifter.
  • Do not pour cold liquids (such as water) onto the hot cast-iron Dutch Oven, for the cast iron can crack or be otherwise damaged.
  • Never use dishwashing liquid or soap to clean the Dutch Oven.
  • Do not drop the Dutch Oven for cast iron is a brittle material that can crack.


Clean the Dutch Oven thouroughly with hot water before using it for the first time, and dry it well. Thanks to the pre-seasoned surface you can use your sturdy Petromax Dutch Oven immediately after rinsing it, without needing to season it first. The first few times you use it, do not cook any acidic food, for it can damage the patina (the protective layer of the Dutch Oven).


As long as you take good care of your Dutch Oven, it should last for generations. Thus, you must follow a few important basic rules:

  • After cooking, let the Dutch Oven cool down before cleaning with hot water. Never use dishwashing liquid or soap to clean the Dutch Oven for it can destroy the patina.
  • Use a commercially available dishwashing brush or a sponge (no metal sponge!) to clean the Dutch Oven. For stubborn dirt or burnt food residues we also recommend the Petromax Chain Mail Cleaner for cast and wrought iron, which does not damage the patina of your Dutch Oven even when scrubbing firmly.
  • Do not clean the Dutch Oven in the dishwasher!
  • Do not clean the Dutch Oven with cold water when it is hot. The tension created could crack or otherwise damage the Dutch Oven.
  • Never stow the Dutch Oven when it is wet and untreated.
  • Always dry the Dutch Oven thoroughly after cleaning, and apply a thin layer of the Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron before stowing the Dutch Oven. You can also use a neutral oil or vegetable fat. Do not use olive oil, for it cannot be heated to a high temperature.
  • Always store the Dutch Oven in a dry place. Once stored you can place a piece of cardboard, strong paper or wood between the pot and the lid ensuring good air circulation.


The patina (the protective layer of the Dutch Oven) must be renewed when it is affected. If your Dutch Oven starts to rust at places please proceed as follows:

  • Remove the rust with a wire brush. Clean the Dutch Oven with warm water, dishwashing liquid and a dishwashing brush. Then dry well.
  • Coat the entire Dutch Oven and the lid (inner and outer surfaces) with the Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner, a neutral oil or vegetable fat. Do not use any olive oil or other types of fat with a lower smoke point, for they burn out too quickly.
  • Then place the Dutch Oven (without lid) in a preheated oven at a temperature of approx. 180 °C (356 °F). Let it remain there for 1 to 2 hours and then switch off the oven. Open the oven door halfway and let the Dutch Oven cool down.
  • Caution! Burning the layer of grease can cause smoke. We, therefore, recommend to do the seasoning outdoors, for instance on an open fire or a grill.
  • Grease all the parts again once they have cooled down. Your Dutch Oven is now seasoned.


Under proper use, a warranty period of two years will apply to your Petromax Dutch Oven from the date of purchase. If you cannot use your Petromax Dutch Oven properly due to a defect in material or manufacturing, you are entitled to a warranty claim. Contact your retailer for that purpose.

Accessory Type:
Dutch Oven