Weber® Summit® Kamado

Weber® Summit® Kamado Barbecues

The Weber® Summit® Kamado range is an exceptional range of barbecues, perfect for those who want one barbecue to do it all. Able to grill, roast and bake like your typical barbecue the Summit® Kamado is also equipped for Low and Slow cooking.

The RapidFire lid damper make lighting your barbecue easier than ever before - be it briquettes or lump wood your Summit® Kamado will be raring to go in no time. The Summit® features a double-walled lid with an insulating layer of air as well as a grade lid gasket which seals the lid shut, this minimises fuel consumption and allows the barbecue to maintain a steady temperature. This is perfect for low and slow smoking, the barbecue's double-layered charcoal grate allows you to lower the coals and place a heat diffuser on top meaning you can cook at a consistently low temperature for multiple hours at a time, infusing your food with a delicious smokey flavour and ensuring your meat is tender as can be.

The hinged lid, integrated tool hooks and wire storage rack allow you to cook with your hands-free, whilst still keeping everything you need within arms reach. The Summit® Kamado S6 also includes a wire drawer for further storage. Furthermore, the S6 features a stainless steel side table, allowing you plenty of room to prep your food, keeping all your preparation and grilling contained to one convenient space. IT also has a handy gas ignition for ease of lighting (gas sold seperately).

Combine the stainless steel Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) grates with the hinged heat diffuser plate and low and slow vent setting and you have the most versatile barbecue yet - there's nothing the Summit® Kamado can't do! Additionally, the 61cm grates increase the cooking space by 25% from the standard 57cm barbecues, giving an impressive cooking area of 2900cm2, now that's a lot of ribs.