Lighting your Grill Manually

Posted by Ellie on 19th Mar 2023

You may have just gone to your grill to find that the ignition is not working. Please do not panic, you can manually light your grill! This blog will provide you with the steps to lighting your gri … read more

How to use smoke signals on your BBQ

Posted by Ellie on 12th Feb 2023

Whether you are cooking with gas, charcoal, or with an electric bbq, keeping your BBQ lid closed is vital to achieving perfection. This helps keep the temperature nice and steady; as the heat rises … read more

Cooking on a Q BBQ

Posted by Ellie on 5th Feb 2023

If you are an owner of a Q BBQ or looking into the cooking techniques to help you decide which BBQ to purchase, here is a quick rundown on the different cooking methods.Despite what you are cookin … read more

Cooking on a Gas BBQ

Posted by Ellie on 29th Jan 2023

Like a charcoal BBQ, it is advised when cooking on a gas BBQ, the lid remains on. This will ensure that the heat circulates evenly, the Smokey flavour will be sealed in and flare ups will be r … read more

Cooking on a Charcoal BBQ

Posted by Ellie on 22nd Jan 2023

Whether you’re a new charcoal BBQ owner or simply are deciding between a gas or charcoal BBQ, this blog will discuss the different methods that can be used to cook on a charcoal BBQ.There are many … read more