Weber® Kettle

Weber® Kettle Barbecues

Weber's® range of iconic kettle barbecues is foolproof and ideal for anyone looking to take their first steps into the world of grilling. Their simple design and no-fuss features make them easy and fun to use. Available in two sizes - 47cm and 57cm - Weber's® classic charcoal barbecue boasts a porcelain enamelled lid and bowl with a built-in lid thermometer and weather-proof handles. The bowl handle includes two integrated tool hooks and a wire storage rack so you can keep the essentials to hand. Easy to clean each barbecue features Weber's® One-Touch cleaning system with rotatable blades, this, combined with the addition of deeper ash pans to the Original Kettle E-4710 and Original Kettle E-5710, makes keeping your barbecue clean easier than ever. Furthermore, the Original Kettle Premium E-5730 features an enclosed ash catching system for further ease of cleaning.

The Original Kettle E-4710 boasts a 47cm triple-plated cooking grate with an internal lid hook and deep ash catching pan, long legs and all-weather wheels make this grill easier to handle than ever. It's 57cm counterpart, the Original Kettle E-5710 provides further space for those slightly more adventurous grillers, or those simply with more mouths to feed. Air vents on the lid and bottom of the barbecue can be used to control air-flow and regulate the temperature when cooking, they can also be closed fully to starve coals.

For a few extra features that don't compromise the simplicity of the barbecue, the Original Kettle Premium E-5730 is a perfect balance. In this grill the chrome-plated grates have hinged sides to allow for easy access to the fuel underneath, this means fuel can be topped up without having to remove the cooking grate from the grill. Furthermore, the enclosed ash catcher pan keeps ash contained and out of the way as well as giving a guide for how the vent should be controlled, with the three main positions - closed, smoking and grilling (fully open) - all marked.